RDSO Volunteers

There are many ways to lend your time and talent to the RDSO.  Currently we are looking for Committee Members for the following Committees:


Get involved in the fun of events like the Black & White Ball or RUMRUNNER

Fund Development

Help ensure the RDSO plays on by giving your time to developing events, sponsorship opportunities and grant applications.

Interested in learning more about how you can help engage hearts and minds through music? Contact us.


The ongoing success of the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra is directly related to the dedication, commitment and hard work of a group of amazing volunteers.  Kudos to our volunteers…..

Adam Goodwin
Andrea Lacoursiere
Arlene Oosterhoff
Cameron Baldwin
Dallas Cole
Daniel Tyrrell
Dee Thompson
Diana Anderson
Dick Huddleston
Evan Hardy
Georgia Bishop
Howard Mix
Jay Lee
Jamie Smith
Janet Pennington
Jason Biel
Jeffrey Rock
Jim MacSween
JoAnne St. Onge
Joel Graham
Kathleen Reid
Lois Tallas
Lorraine Friedrick
Lucie Jones
Maxwell Edgar
Moira Milne
Mount Royal Chamber Flutes
Pat Kerr
Peter Allen
Peter Fielding
Peter Fink
Phoenix Bell
Randy Patmore
Red Deer Arts Council
Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery
Red Deer Public Library
Robert Mast
Sean Draper
Terry Cave
Viola Braun
Vivian Delude

...as well as anyone we have inadvertently left off this list.  Thank you!