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All Strung Out

RDSO is “All Strung Out” on string quartets, and we've found some unique gems to drive away the winter blues!


Featuring unique works by Joaquín Turina & Canadian composer Ernest MacMillan, this digital performance sets the scene with two soul-soothing and toe-tapping French airs.  soul-soothing French air, "Notre Seigneur en pauvre", followed by the toe-tapping “À Saint Malo”. To top it off,  “La oración del torero” concludes this performance with a spark of drama!

Take Your Seat


Two Sketches for String Quartet................       

   Based on French Canadian Airs

"Notre Seigneur en pauvre"

 Ernest MacMillan


"À Saint Malo"

La oración del torero, Op. 34......................       

    "The Bullfighter's Prayer" 

Joaquín Turina


The Concert Begins!

This online performance was made possible with our funders' support for the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra Association's operations. Because of this support, our community has the opportunity to enjoy professional performing arts and educational experiences in Central Alberta.

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