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Your Community.
Your Orchestra.

The RDSO has been an established cornerstone of the Red Deer arts and culture scene since 1987, and a fully professional orchestra since 1990.

As of 2023, RDSO is the only professional symphony orchestra in Canada that does not have operational funding from the municipality it serves.

RDSO’s volunteers and staff have worked to keep the orchestra alive for nearly forty years, and are seeking a partnership with the City of Red Deer to continue serving our community for forty more. 

The next generation of Red Deer artists and community builders needs to know that arts and culture have a place in the City of Red Deer’s vision for the future, and we need YOUR help to make this happen!


How Can You Help?


Advocate for the arts with your elected representatives! Click HERE to fill out our quick and easy online form, or download a template HERE and email city council.


Invest in the work we do! Donate to RDSO or sponsor a concert or community program and help us fulfill our mission and vision in your community.


Get involved! Buy tickets for RDSO events and bring your friends and family. Volunteer to help us out with event production. Serve on our committees or board and help us serve our community.

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Invest in Red Deer Symphony Orchestra!

Unlock the full potential of how Red Deer’s established symphony orchestra can contribute to the City’s innovative thinking to achieve strategic results and a vibrant community.

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