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Our Community Impact

The Red Deer Symphony Orchestra is deeply committed to contributing to making central Alberta a great place to live and supporting and fostering opportunities of musical experiences, we facilitate building a welcoming and inclusive community for all of us.  Red Deer is one of the only cities of its size in Canada to boast a fully professional orchestra. Offering accessible opportunities to our citizens makes for truly unique, insightful experiences. The RDSO engages the curious, inspires the student, enlightens the familair and supports working professionals as a means of remaining relevant in our community. It is the vision of igniting a passion for arts and culture in central Alberta that guides the long range direction of the RDSO. We give back through the following Community Programs: 


Music + Explorers

The Music + Explorers free after-school, music enrichment program is about helping to foster better citizens, primarily among economically disadvantaged elementary students in Red Deer North. Its about making a difference through music. The group works together to complete homework, eat healthy, partake in exercise, explore social issues through music, musical instruments, and performance art, as well as put together public performances that raise money for social impact organizations within the community.

Senior Woman Dancing

Music For Mental Health

Music for Mental Health is an inclusion program which allows for free concert seating to marginalized and/or isolated members of our community. Music for Mental Health runs in partnership with other local service agencies in providing complimentary tickets to each concert for their clients and caregivers to promote improved mental health and inclusion of vulnerable people.

Empty Orchestra Stage

Open Dress Rehearsal

Our Open Dress Rehearsal is a program that is free to attend and provides opportunities for people interested in seeing how a performance comes together. People who participate in this program are better able to realize the amount of work involved in a performance. Participants are provided an educational study guide in advance, along with a presentation and or Q&A with musicians relating to the performance. The free-to-attend program benefits populations who can ill afford to attend an RDSO concert, families with younger children, and seniors.

Register HERE.                                Study Guide here.

Children Singing in a Choir

Choir Kids

Introduced in 1998 by our Music Director Claude Lapalme, Choir Kids is a unique music opportunity which serves elementary school-aged children. Introduced as the first of its kind in Canada, the Choir Kids program allows children's choirs the opportunity to rehearse and perform two pieces of choice with a professional orchestra. Maestro Lapalme personally orchestrates all music for these performances.


Sign your choir up for Choir Kids 2023 HERE!

Conference Room

Seats For Students

Seats for Students provides free seating to students in elementary, middle, secondary and post-secondary schools and institutions at each of our Main Series concerts. Students in Red Deer are encouraged to speak to their Music Teacher about how to access their school's tickets. Teachers interested in participating in this program or community members interested in supporting this program can inquire by clicking below. 

String Quartet

Symphony @ The Snell

Symphony @ the Snell is a free music education program intended to provide an opportunity, each year, for Red Deer's students and seniors to enjoy high quality, creatively programmed, and nationally recognized symphonic music in Red Deer. The program involves small ensembles presenting their instruments, repertoire, career and education accomplishments and performing for groups ranging in age from 7-18 years old and citizens over the age of 65.


Community Concerts

Community Concerts are free to attend, family-friendly, publicly accessible, full scale professional performances produced, and delivered by the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. Performance venues are selected with the intention of maximum attendance. The first Community Concert was incorporated as part of the cultural programming at the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

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